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Sound Bathing

Sarah Vie

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Sarah Vie is an internationally known energy healer, spiritual teacher, motivational speaker and an expert on inner change; uncovering your truth, releasing limited stories, and reparenting that little one inside all of us. Her work has helped thousands of women become manifesting magnets. She has been affectionately called the “cycle breaker”.

She has been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS affiliates and her healing articles have reached Huffington Post and Modern Mom.

Somatic Practices to Heal Trauma

Carli Watson

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Carli is the founder of Carli Watson Wellness LLC, providing online somatic therapy, coaching, and yoga for stress release and trauma healing.

She is a licensed clinical social worker in the USA in MI (LMSW) and PA (LCSW), and certified yoga teacher (RYT-200). While working five years as a traditional talk therapist, she witnessed firsthand the impact of trauma on the minds and bodies of her marginalized clients with substance use disorders.

Seeking tools beyond talking to help calm the nervous system, she began to study yoga and somatic. This study changed her life both personally and professionally. 

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy

Isabella Koepf

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Isabella is a yoga therapist, clinical herbalist, holistic nutritionist, Ayurvedic practitioner, and health coach with a B.Sc. in psychology, biology, and religious studies.

Her journey into holistic healing began due to first-hand struggles with misdiagnosed health issues, chronic pain, and trauma. After spending years searching for answers, she eventually took her health into her own hands and discovered the power of holistic healing.

Isabella currently runs a health and wellness counseling business called Surya Bella Wellness to assist others in this healing process.

She primarily supports people in their mental health recovery specializing in addiction and domestic abuse through the holistic healing tools of yoga, Ayurveda, nutrition, and herbal medicine. 


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