Day 5

Make sure to claim your gifts

Tapping, The body keeps the score!

Winnie Chan Wang

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Winnie is a mindfulness and traditional medicine expert, international speaker, bestselling author, and a professor in acupuncture at the Alhambra Medical University. 

In her private practice, Winnie applies integrative medical approaches (acupuncture, mindfulness training, and Reiki) to help her clients reduce fatigue, pain, anxiety, fear, and worry.

She has the vulnerability of Brene Brown and the science-based background of Deepak Chopra, where she provides her clients with an integrative approach to healing past trauma and challenges

The Empathic Witnessing Method

Megan Guzman

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Megan Guzman helps you uncover the light within you, so it can shine brighter than it has before. She wants the world to be more full of compassion and love and believes when you love yourself, listen to your body’s wisdom, and honor your needs, you also love others.

She believes you belong with all your fullness. Her mission and purpose in life is to be your guide to show you how to be kinder to yourself, to love yourself more and to show you a gentler way to treat the most important person in your life.

Megan’s a Somatic Transformational Coach and an Empathic Witnessing Practitioner, mentorship with Catherine Liggett. She works with clients 1-1 and in groups to heal trauma and awaken their voice.

Anger Management

Caroline Girin

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Caroline Girin is an Inner Child Integration therapist.

Citizen of the world, she is born in France, has worked in international companies and lived for 10 years in Asia.

On the way she became a mother of 4 children, which led her to convert to a Montessori teacher, a parental coach delivering workshops and an inner child therapist!

Caroline believes that the Inner Child needs to be seen, heard and unconditionally loved if, as an adult, we wish to live our life to the fullest. By knowing and healing ourselves, we not only do not pass on negative family traits to our own children but also we feel free of pursuing our dreams, improve our relationships, feel in harmony in our body, etc.


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