Day 4

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Releasing Trapped Energy

Laurie Williams

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I’m Laurie Williams. I am an Energy Healer, Psychic & Medium.

I have been doing this work for close to 8 years. I help people heal by teaching them how to heal themselves, body, mind & soul

Inner Child Healing

Megan Stone

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Megan Stone, founder of Meg Stone Wellness, found her own way to healing of chronic illness through healing her unresolved childhood trauma.

Meg’s health and happiness coaching practice accepts clients of all walks of life and personal wellness goals, however, her specialty is inner child healing and the mind/body connection in order for clients to let go of what no longer serves and move towards their best health and total transformation of mind, body and spirit!

It’s her mission to reach as many as possible who are in need of hope and healing, because healing is possible no matter what!


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