Day 1

Setting Yourself Up For Success

Winnie Chan Wang

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Winnie is a mindfulness and traditional medicine expert, international speaker, bestselling author, and a professor in acupuncture at the Alhambra Medical University. 

In her private practice, Winnie applies integrative medical approaches (acupuncture, mindfulness training, and Reiki) to help her clients reduce fatigue, pain, anxiety, fear, and worry.

She has the vulnerability of Brene Brown and the science-based background of Deepak Chopra, where she provides her clients with an integrative approach to healing past trauma and challenges

Your Triggers Are Gifts & Opportunities

Kim Wilkinson 

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Kim is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist,  Spiritual Life Coach, and Psychic Medium.

In addition to running her Business (Empowered Life), she works a few days a week at an Addiction Treatment center, the one her 22-year-old son Tristin attended twice. 

As a society, we are finally starting to focus on Mental Health, but we are still not talking about Emotional Health. Everything roots in emotions.  Ironically,  most of us have been taught to avoid, distract, or do anything to not feel pain or discomfort. It is time to break that cycle.

Her passion and purpose are to teach people how to overcome past traumas and unresolved grief and to manage stress, emotions, and loss better.


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